Exploring Brazilian data in a map

This is another work by Gerson. He made all the codes this time, and I just wrote these few words here. Again, this is part of our project to foster Open Science in our research community and make coding more accessible.

A highchart of GDP growth

Gerson and I are working in several projects to foster Open Science in our research community. We are sharing in this post a code to create a map using open data from the World Bank.

Master class 3 - Omitted variable bias

Hey, check my video (in portuguese) where we discuss an example about omitted variable and how they can bias a regression coefficient. I hope you like it! Thanks for passing by!

Master class 2 - Selection bias

Let’s create a quick visualization of selection bias and how it can lead us to wrong interpretations. First, load the following packages. library(data.table) library(ggplot2) Then, fabricate the data. I am fabricating data that fit what I have in mind.

Master class 1 - Randomization

I am starting this week my course Empirical Corporate Finance and Governance for master’s students. So we are going to see here more stuff about Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, and academic research on these topics.