Exploring Brazilian data in a map

This is another work by Gerson. He made all the codes this time, and I just wrote these few words here. Again, this is part of our project to foster Open Science in our research community and make coding more accessible.

A highchart of GDP growth

Gerson and I are working in several projects to foster Open Science in our research community. We are sharing in this post a code to create a map using open data from the World Bank.

(Nov 2020) ICGS Editors' tips

Here are some slides with a list of tips made by editors of A-Journals at the International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS) Annual Meeting. Thank you for passing by!

Fama and French - Part 1

This post is co-authored with Gerson Junior. The goal The goal of this post is simple: to learn how to calculate the Fama and French portfolios' returns. Keep in mind that we begin from scratch, so we are not thinking about coding optmization for now.

(Oct 2020) Issues in Empirical Finance Research

Here are the slides where I discuss some of the main empirical issues to Corporate Finance and Corporeta Governance research. The presentation is based on the article by Atanasov and Black (2016).

A comment about a stock's Beta

I read the other day that some stocks have defensive Betas while others have aggressive ones. This is always true as a stock has either a Beta below one or above one (ok, let’s ignore the unlikely case where a stock has a Beta one).

Minority Investor Protection

This is another post about collecting and graphing interesting data. There is another dataset from the World Bank that I like a lot (check here). We are going to use the WDI package today, which contains unique datasets.

Ibovespa vs. Ibovespa in dollar

I was wondering how to download data from Ipeadata to use in research. So let’s use this post to learn how to create a graph with data from ipeadata. Start by installing and loading the following package.

My very first post!

Welcome! I am happy that you are here! This is truly the first post on my website. In the past few days, I made some posts to practice dealing with the website code.