Corporate Governance

(Aug 2021) Talk about internationalization UFSM

Click above to see the slides I used in a talk about Internationalization of Research for Brazilian Scholars. Thank you for passing by!


Undestanding the antecedents and consequences of corporate ESG

Talk With Marcelo Perlin (April 16 2021)

This is a talk with Marcelo Perlin and Gerson Junior about the package GetDFPdata2 to download financial data from Brazilian Companies

(Apr 2021) Seminar Paper ESG and Competition

Click above to see the slides I used in a seminar about one of my research projects: Competition and ESG practices in emerging markets: evidence from a differences-in-differences model. Thank you for passing by!

Evolution of Brazilian Companies ESG Score

I am working on a research project that aims to understand the antecedents and consequences of Corporate ESG. Eventually, I came up with the graph below. This graph did not make much sense to me since ESG is a hot topic and, I believe, no one would expect that Brazilian firms decreased ESG practices over the last decade.

Webinar about Investors Relations (February 9 2021)

This is a talk about Investors Relations with Luciana Ferreira and José Treiger.

(Nov 2020) ICGS Editors' tips

Here are some slides with a list of tips made by editors of A-Journals at the International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS) Annual Meeting. Thank you for passing by!

(Nov 2020) ICGS presentation

Slides from the presentation of the article “Understanding Accounting Discretion: A Multi-Country Analysis” (at the International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS) Annual Meeting 2020). This is part of the thesis by Marcio Pimenta.

(Oct 2020) Issues in Empirical Finance Research

Here are the slides where I discuss some of the main empirical issues to Corporate Finance and Corporeta Governance research. The presentation is based on the article by Atanasov and Black (2016).

National corporate governance responses to Covid 19

How did nations respond to the Covid-19 crisis? Did they provide more flexibility to corporations? Were the initiatives enough? Well, let’s see what OECD found out. You can check the full report here.

Minority Investor Protection

This is another post about collecting and graphing interesting data. There is another dataset from the World Bank that I like a lot (check here). We are going to use the WDI package today, which contains unique datasets.

The number of Brazilian listed firms

Let’s use this quick post to learn how to create a graph using the World Bank data. Start by installing and loading the following packages. library(wbstats) library(ggplot2) Then, download the data.

Accounting Discretion

Creating an Accounting Discretion Index (ADI)

The future of Corporate Governance (Estadão - in portuguese)

Article at Newspaper Estadão Hey, I just had an article published at a major newspaper. Check here:

Governance and Debt

The analysis of the governance antecedents and outcomes