Exploring Brazilian data in a map

This is another work by Gerson. He made all the codes this time, and I just wrote these few words here. Again, this is part of our project to foster Open Science in our research community and make coding more accessible.

A highchart of GDP growth

Gerson and I are working in several projects to foster Open Science in our research community. We are sharing in this post a code to create a map using open data from the World Bank.

Evolution of Brazilian Companies ESG Score

I am working on a research project that aims to understand the antecedents and consequences of Corporate ESG. Eventually, I came up with the graph below. This graph did not make much sense to me since ESG is a hot topic and, I believe, no one would expect that Brazilian firms decreased ESG practices over the last decade.

Blog Certo Interview

Hey, I had an interview to the Blog Certo website. We discussed how to enjoy the summer time with limited budget and a pandemic out there. You can read the article here.

Fama and French - Part 1

This post is co-authored with Gerson Junior. The goal The goal of this post is simple: to learn how to calculate the Fama and French portfolios' returns. Keep in mind that we begin from scratch, so we are not thinking about coding optmization for now.

Google trends - Futebol vs. Covid 19

Just a quick trend analysis in Google search. Loot at the Google trends of the words “Futebol” and “Covid 19”. It looks like we are back to “normal”.

Interview to the podcast "Os 10 Mil Deles"

I amhappy to share the chat I had with the amazing guys from the podcast Os 10 Mil Deles. We discussed important topics about government spending and policy. I think you will like the full episode.

Economic Freedom of Brazil

I read this article here that made me think about the Economic Freedom of Brazil. The article discusses the increase in Economic Freedom over the last few years. After reading the article, I needed a better perspective over a longer period.

Brazilian corruption Index (WGI)

There is one dataset that I like a lot: the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project. It contains data since 1996 about the governance of all countries. Governance here is measured by the six following variables:

Brazil Economic Policy Uncertainty

In this post, I will show how to create a graph about the Brazilian Economic Policy Uncertainty index. For more information about this index, click here. Shortly, it is an index that calculates economic policy uncertainty by searching for specific words in Brazilian newspapers.

My very first post!

Welcome! I am happy that you are here! This is truly the first post on my website. In the past few days, I made some posts to practice dealing with the website code.

Café com ADM (March 27 2020)

A talk about the effects of COVID on the financial policy of small firms

The future of Corporate Governance (Estadão - in portuguese)

Article at Newspaper Estadão Hey, I just had an article published at a major newspaper. Check here:

Gestão de caixa ganha com visão de longo prazo (Valor Econômico)

Article at Newspaper Jornal Valor Econômico Hey, I just had an article published at a major Brazilian newspaper. Check here:

(Oct 2019) Conteúdo Café IAG PUC-Rio

Slides from a webinar about the effects of COVID-19 on the economy and financial markets.