Tutorial-Articles - The Importance of Data and Code Sharing

Journal of Contemporary Administration - RAC, 25*(1), 2021, doi

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September 9, 2020

Tutorial-Articles: The Importance of Data and Code Sharing


Context: this document is designed to be along with those that are in the first edition of the new section of the Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC): the tutorial-articles section.

Objective: the purpose is to present the new section and discuss relevant topics of tutorial-articles.

Method: I divide the document into three main parts. First, I provide a summary of the state of the art in open data and open code at the current date that, jointly, create the context for tutorial-articles. Second, I provide some guidance to the future of the section on tutorial-articles, providing a structure and some insights that can be developed in the future. Third, I offer a short R script to show examples of open data that, I believe, can be used in the future in tutorial-articles, but also in innovative empirical studies.

Conclusion: finally, I provide a short description of the first tutorial-articles accepted for publication in this current RAC’s edition.