Open Science Project

Since 2019, I am the editor of Tutorials and Open Materials of the Journal of Contemporary Administration - RAC.

We made significant developments in the field of Open Science.

  • We started a new section that publishes tutorial-articles.

  • The first edition of the new tutorial-article section is already online.

  • We have some guidelines for tutorial-articles.

  • We have a clear and updated Open Science policy.

  • We have a clear policy for Open Peer Review.

  • We had a Call for Papers of Data Reuse

  • We implemented an Open peer review process.

These are small but consistent developments to improve academic research in Brazil. The goal is to make it more transparent, reproducible, and accessible to anyone.

Thanks to the RAC’s EIC, Wesley Mendes, for trusting in me to working on this project.

Seminars about Open Science

If you are interest, you can check the slides I used in recent talks about Open Science:

Henrique Castro Martins
Henrique Castro Martins
Assistant Professor of Finance