Authors' interviews of tutorial-articles (RAC)

I am so happy to share the interviews we had with the authors of the special issue of tutorial-articles that has been published by RAC - Journal of Contemporary Administration. You can check all videos at the official RAC’s youtube channel here.

Tutorial-article 1 - “A Tutorial on the Use of DiD in Management, Finance, and Accounting”:

Tutorial-article 2 - “A Tutorial for Modeling Real Options Lattices from Project Cash Flows”:

Tutorial-article 3 - “A GARCH Tutorial with R”:

Tutorial-article 4 - “Mapping Organizational Culture Schemas Based on CCA: A Tutorial”:

Tutorial-article 5 - “Cluster Analysis in Practice: Dealing with Outliers in Managerial Res.":

I also thank all authors that contributed to this issue and the work of all reviewers.

Henrique Castro Martins
Henrique Castro Martins
Assistant Professor of Finance