Global Index of Peace

Did you know about this index?

Did you know there is a Global Index of Peace? I certainly didn’t.

Apparently, the Institute for Economics & Peace measures peace in almost all countries since 2014.

Brazil is not doing well in this ranking. We are at position 126 in the 2020 report (see the report here or here). We lost three positions since 2019.

The report suggests the problem of Brazil is not domestic nor international conflict. It is societal safety and security. I agree!

There is something else: the report estimates that the Economic Cost of Violence is around 10% of Brazilian GDP. UAU!

Some countries that caught my attention by their position:

  • Portugal: 3rd (Seems pretty good.)
  • Hungary: 24th (Aren’t they under a dictatorship in 2020?)
  • Uruguay: 35th (Cool!)
  • France: 66th (Not a good position for an important country as France.)
  • United States of America: 121th (It doesn’t look right!)

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Henrique Castro Martins
Henrique Castro Martins
Assistant Professor of Finance